Sunday, 20 March 2016

(Lack of ) Fog on the Tyne

Riders gathering at The Bike Park for a Saturday Social
Given we had high pressure in charge blowing cold damp air in from the North sea for the last week, I was expecting fog  and mist on today's ride around the coast. Luck held out and although it was cool and cloudy there was a distinct lack of fog.
Ten of us set off from The Bike Park and headed off down the Westway and crossed the A194 before connecting up with NCN route 14 heading towards South Shields centre.
Once down at the Tyne a quick photo call beckoned near the Shields ferry landing before cycling along Long Row, and then Wapping Street
When we joined River Drive, Doug suggested zig zagging up to Green's place as it was to be improved and used as the recommended cycle route. Once we got to Green's place, there was a road crew already busy resurfacing was was a badly holed  road. 
From there we headed to the  Lawe top, and then down through North Marine Park all the way to Haven Point. A quick hop over the zebra took us into South Marine park where we skirted the boating lake  and miniature steam railway to Beach road.
From there it was an easy ride along the prom to Gypsies Green, and then along NCN1  to Marsden bay, where we then used a cut to link up to Lizard lane. We quickly crossed and then headed along Quarry lane back to Temple Park
The ride was approximately 10 miles, but some silly fool forgot to start their Garmin for a mile or two.

the next Saturday social will be on the 2nd of April

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