Monday, 3 March 2014

Missing the point

The last 24 hours have seen cycling safety in the spotlight from a couple of normally driver centric sources.

Firstly Top Gear did a piece on making a public information film about cycling safety.
Since TG had basically morphed into last of the summer wine with 3 old blokes posing about for cheap and obvious  laughs, I didn't expect much. It turned out to be even lazier and more unfunny. It reminded me of the last, cheap , casual racist and sexist bullying humour of the 70/80s. The BBC should have amount higher editorial standards.

The saddest thing seems not to be that the Neanderthals that revere Clarkson as a god will (and are) hanging on any and all of the negative points raised, but that so many people on cycling forms such as and bikeradar thought that some good points were all raised.
With fellow cyclists thinking that, we don't need enemies.

The second is the announcement of the AAs bike safety campaign which will be officially launched this Friday, so this may be premature.

The pre launch information revolves around the idea of stickers given away for car mirrors.
Unless there's more this, like TG, misses the point, as mirror stickers won't guard against actions such as passing dangerously close, or left hooking people on bikes,

I applaud the AA for taking positive action, but I just fear that it's missing the main areas of danger to cyclists from drivers.
The campaign also seems to suggest that it will have the recommendation that cyclists need to adhere to the highway code, falling into the lazy stereotype we've come to expect that all drivers are saints and anybody on a bike is a scofflaw, when in fact it's usually the opposite, with virtually all success anything they habitually breaking the law.

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