Wednesday, 2 October 2013

8 reasons to be grateful to cyclists

In my last post I asked 7 questions why britain as a whole often seems to hate cyclists and cycling.

Here are 8 reasons then why Britain should be grateful and thank people who ride bikes...

1. People riding bikes reduces traffic congestion

Every person who rides a bike is using a lot less road space than a person in a car, so the traffic jam you  sit in every day is shorter by a few metres for every cyclist that passes you.

2. People riding bikes saves car parking spaces

When you drive to work or the shops, and moan about the struggle to park, look at the bicycles and remember that each one is not using a valuable car parking space

3. People riding bikes saves everyone taxes

Bicycles don't wear out the roads like cars do, or break signs by crashing into them, so roads cost less of your taxes to maintain. New cycle facilities are a lot cheaper to build than new roads as well.

4. People riding bikes reduces the burden on the NHS

People who ride bikes are generally healthier and fitter, so need fewer visits to the Doctors and Hospitals. This saves a lot of money, and frees up time and resources for the people that really need healthcare.

5. People riding bikes reduces air pollution

Bicycles don't emit pollution, so by riding a bike instead of driving, every cyclist makes the world a little less polluted. This in turn reduces climate change, and saves the planet.

5. People riding bikes conserves petrol so you can drive more

Petrol and diesel are both fossil fuels and are finite. By riding bikes people cycling are saving fuel so the people who want to drive will be able to for longer.

6. People riding bikes saves space

Bikes take up a lot less space than cars to park and ride, so save valuable space for people to enjoy

7. People riding bikes are mostly better, calmer people

Most people who ride bikes are better and calmer. On the road they are more observant and careful as they do not have airbags and crumple zones to protect them. this also makes the ones that also drive better drivers. Cycling is also stress relieving, unlike driving which is often stress inducing.

8. People riding bikes keep local shops and businesses going

People riding bikes to shops etc generally shop more locally and thus keep local businesses trading, rather than make one trip to the large out of town shed. Cyclists also make more trips, and cos they spend less on motoring have more money to spend at these shops.

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