Sunday, 1 September 2013

Why not use cycle routes and paths?

Because most of them are utter shite.

These are some examples from my local area.

These are some examples, but there many more barriers as well as these where you need to dismount to pass, either at the ends of the path, or randomly in the middle of the route. These are often magnets for anti-social behavior and broken glass abounds

Randomly having to give way for anything crossing the route, often for no reason. Absolutely no priority to cycles

 Completely unsigned and with no indication of direction, so unless you know a local area intimately you WILL get lost

Or the routes are just symbols painted onto narrow footpaths

Or the cycle path is nothing more than a dirt track (ignoring the wagon parked blocking it)... or an anonymous cut between a couple of houses

Or even suddenly has a section that you are not allowed to ride along, even though it is a LA cycling route

Just imagine the uproar if roads were this crap...


  1. I want some road scheme to object to because there's none of this sort of stuff for motorist to have to deal with.

    1. I know what you mean, but..

      Up here we don't even get to object to the road schemes. A "pinch point" bid has gone through recently. The cycling provision which HAS to be stated in the bid is effectively non-existent and uses a footbridge where cycling is prohibited. No public consultation. It's a complete sham

  2. just a point about the barriers, i believe many councils are in the process of removing them, possibly even S.Tyne, but they do serve a purpose in areas where theres a lot of window-lickers on quadbikes and the like, i have see a few around the area, and im sure there would be more without the barriers, although they are an absolute pain in the behind.

    1. Oh, I know why they are and I know how absolutely ineffective they are at stopping the undesirables. I have seen quads carried over the barriers at Brockley Whins Metro on several occasions. They also serve as perches for lambrini drinking 13 yr olds which then try to bounce them off the ground!