Sunday, 19 October 2014

Bike Hack! - Repurpose inner tubes as bar end covers

Lots of people riding flat bars have bar ends, which are usually either just painted or anodised alloy.
This can be cold and slippery in wet conditions and the winter.

Although bar end covers are available from many suppliers, this is about re-purposing sections of old inner tubes from a road bike to make a DIY hack. Why? cos it's cheaper (although covers aren't expensive) and about reusing materials that would otherwise just be thrown in the bin.

  1. Cut a length of tube, and slide it onto the bar end after removing the end cap.
  2. Spray hairspray on the bar end and inside the tube to enable it to slide on easier. It will dry firmly after a while.
  3. Cut the inner tube so a few centimeters is left over the bar end, and then tuck it inside the end.
  4. Firmly push the end cap back in

Repeat for the other side, and once completed, you will have a pair of ends that look like the photo below. A very neat looking finish

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