Saturday, 27 April 2013

South Tyneside shops - cycle parking survey (to be updated)

This is a survey of the cycle parking at various shops, mainly major national chains across the South Tyneside area. Cycle parking frankly ranges from the very good (but not perfect), to the utterly crap, and then to none.

I am rating them with stars out of 5 with 5 being the best obviously. and 0 being no specific parking whatsoever (locking to signs doesn't count). These ratings are aimed at being objective, but are purely personal. If any stores get  upset, then fix the parking.

Asda Boldon ****

Undercover sheffield style stands in the corner of the multi story, and close to the store entrance.

Also plenty of room for trailers.

Access for bikes through the car park could be better though.

Morrison's Jarrow ***

Plenty of Sheffield stands very close to the main entrance and ATMs and even room for a trailer.

Very good safe and car-free access from the NCN14 cycle path. 
Only down side to this installation is that it's not under cover

Viking Centre, Jarrow ***

Installations of 4 and 5 sheffield stands at the 2 entrances to the
centre, besides the several outside Morrisons. Not signed or undercover, but visible and easily accessible. Also lots of room for trailers 

Asda, South Shields *** 

Sheffield stands, but slightly out of the way, although near the ATMs. I could see no signage pointing out the parking at all. Also not undercover, although right next to a undercover car park for cars, and Asda provide covered parking for their trolleys

Aldi,  Laygate, South Shields ***

5 sheffield stands almost opposite main entrance. OK for bikes, but limited space for trailers. No signage, but easy to spot however

Iceland, Laygate, South Shields **

2 sheffield stands tucked away in a corner of the car park out of site of the entrance, and when I visited hidden by 2 home delivery vehicles.

Lidl, Frederick St, South Shields * 

Wheel bender style "stands" fixed to the trolley bays. Half of them blocked by a large pallet of compost

Tesco, Newcastle road. 0 stars    

No cycle parking at all. As this is my closest store I have challenged them.

The original parking was apparently at the back of the store and badly damaged by a delivery truck.

I was told that replacement cycle parking was planned during a store refit, scheduled for Feb 2013, but has not happened yet.

Pets at home, 0 stars

No cycle parking at all, despite a large paved area in front of the store. Perhaps cyclists don't own pets!

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